2021: 37th Worklog Summary for Cardigan Highlanders Volunteer Trail Crew

Winslow steps 9/25/21

“Volunteers don’t get paid,… they’re priceless.” -F. Magnette

Seventeen volunteers turned out; 8 had and 2 earned their tartans. The 508 hrs on trails is 106% of the average of the last 5 years pre-covid: 476 hr. Admin hr is 146, outreach is 40 hr. Total CHVTC: 694 hr. Camp Coniston teen crew adds 112 hr, so total time is 806 hr.

We volunteers may be priceless, but not worthless: DNCR 2020 report values our work @$26.58/h, our 806 hr is worth $23,019.

We patrolled 17 miles, cleaned 231 drains in 74 hr this Fall, set 31 rock steps/pavers (rs), built 4 rock waterbars (rwb). Side ditches are incidental to drains. Scree and barricade are incidental to building fixtures.

On Mt. Cardigan State Forest: 23 blowdowns CHVTC: 231 hr
West Ridge Trail, 60 drains: 3 rs, 2 rwb, 2 pvr, r&r wood step 139 hr
South Ridge Trail, 15 drains: rwb, 2 rs; Ranger Cabin Trail 34 hr
Mowglis Trail: 32 hr
Skyland Trail: 26 hr
On Mt. Sunapee State Park: 14 blowdowns. CHVTC: 142 hr
Newbury Trail, 24 drains: w. end brush (Coniston 112 hr) 26 hr
Rim Trail, 24 drains: 5 hr
Andrew Brook Trail, 48 drains: 4 rwb. 111 hr
On Mt. Kearsarge State Forest CHVTC: 102 hr
Rollins Trail, ~20 drains, 5 rs in talus. 25 hr
Winslow Trail, 40 drains: 12 rs in stairs 77 hr
For NH F&G, Cole Pond Trail, Bog Rd., Enfield NH: 3 blowdowns CHVTC: 33 hr
24 drains, 6 pavers, blaze YELLOW.
Outreach hr: Mink Bk 6; MSGTC 11; Barlow & Winslow Trs 8;
Summit tr 4; Solitude Tr 2; Croo Bridge 2; Moose Mtn 4;
Manning/Allieway/Holt trs 3 CHVTC: 40 hr
Admin hr: UVTA 2; MSAC 2; Mt Sun Resort 1; web minion @ 8 hr/month 96; Chainsaw cert. 2 vols 14; emails 11; 2021 log 6;
cruise Andrew Brook tapline 4; “Bridges by CHVTC 1986-2020” 4; DNCR 1; tools 5. CHVTC admin total: 146 hr
CHVTC Grand Total: 694 hr

CHVTC volunteers were working for the crew and their mission at some time on at least 75 days this year. They carried on through drought, heat, smoke, humidity, downpours, that blarsted covid plague, and who knows what else. I must remark that part of working smarter not harder is to go out when conditions are as good as they are going to get, but still… Their devotion is truly outstanding, very much like that of other volunteers in so many lines of work who serve to make our lives better. It is a privilege to know them, and I am grateful to them all. Moran taing, mo caraid.

Respectfully Submitted, Craig Sanborn, CHVTC Trailmaster

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  1. Wes Tucker on December 28, 2021 at 3:07 pm

    After the release of this report, the following comments were received from our colleagues:

    Hi Craig,
    Thank you as always for the hard work, much appreciated!

    Ken MacGray – Writer, Author, Hiker
    New Hampshire’s 52 With A View – A Hiker’s Guide – Out now!
    AMC Southern NH Trail Guide, 5th Edition – Out now.

    Thank you for sending along this report. Very well done. The work by you and your volunteers is a significant contribution to the stewardship of state lands and the safety and experience of our visitors. But it is even more than that. The volunteer work of the Highlanders is an inspiration to all of us here in the Division.
    Thanks so very much, and
    Best wishes for the Holiday Season,
    Philip A. Bryce, Director.
    NH Division of Parks and Recreation

    Thank you very much to the crew for their services. It is very much appreciated to keep that trail traversable by all who use it. I’m sure all members of the public who use it appreciate it too.
    Happy Holidays Craig!

    Jim Oehler, Habitat Program Supervisor, NH Fish & Game

    Thank you very much for all of the crew’s work on state lands this past year! Impressive as always.

    Jesse Zacrow – Volunteer Program Manager
    Division of Parks and Recreation

    Hats off and CHEERS to the CHVTC, another production year, good job to all and thank you – Tim Symonds, President. Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway Trail Club.