Sat 5/7: Spring Patrol Cardigan Trails

Five of us turned out on Mt. Cardigan this morning. We decided to be a waterbar team of two, and a Spring patrol of three. Nick accepted an appointment as acting team leader for the patrol. He led Chuck and Chris from Cliff's Bridge to Ranger Cabin Trail to South Ridge Trail to Rimrock to Skyland Trail and so back to Cliff's Bridge. They chopped two blowdowns and kept lopping trailside branches: our trails there look rather spacious just now.

Meantime, Craig and Steve re-dug ditches and waterbars from Cliff's Bridge downhill. They soon came to a chaotic and muddy stretch of trail. They planted a few more paver rocks, dug better ditches to intercept and carry off water, and set about a dozen irregular rocks and old tree trunks as barricade to funnel hikers onto the pavers rather than the mud. The hikers then stayed on the paver route, which is about the time the patrol team rejoined them and ate their lunches.

After lunch we all descended the mile back to our cars. We noted several jobs for later in the season when we can return with building tools. It was a day of many people, many dogs, and all just enjoying the dry cool weather.

Five crew @ six hours = 30 hours, but it felt more like fun than work.

Thanks again, Craig