Ditching Work and Rocking Out on the Rollins Trail

It is pleasant to report that our turnout this past Saturday (6/25) was more than replied! Three replied, five appeared on time, and we brought tools enough for all to keep working as planned except at breaks. We dug 65 yards of ditch, plus set two pavers, two rocks to finish a waterbar, and a rockpile at the edge of the gully to encourage walkers to use the treadway.

We used a pick to loosen the rocks and gravel in the ditch, then a shovel pushed up it from the downstream end to throw gravel across to the upper side of the treadway to form a sloping trail that drains into the ditch. Small rocks from the ditch we lined up on the treadway, by the edge of the ditch. Water filters through them to the ditch. Walkers have a smooth gravel path about three feet wide, finished using a garden rake. We equipped each of two teams with a complete set of tools, no waiting.

There remains about 10 yards of trail where it is too narrow and the rocks too large for this method; we will have to build a ditch plus pavers to separate walkers from water. That is a congested site and the work is slow. Today we had the people, skills, and tools for a more extensive result.

We'd like to think that all went home feeling the pride they just earned at a job done well. Of course there were cold drinks in air conditioning for those who stayed.

Next crew day is likely to be July 9, the Saturday after Independence Day. Winslow Trail on Mt Kearsarge is probable.

Craig Sanborn, CHVTC


Working the drainage ditches
Keeping cool in the shade.