2018: 34th Worklog Summary for Cardigan Highlanders Volunteer Trail Crew

This worklog is not the annual report the Board of Directors votes on at the annual meeting in January. That will also be posted here. For now, let’s just remember that all this work was by volunteers. Here’s to them.

2018: 34th Worklog Summary for Cardigan Highlanders Volunteer Trail Crew

In 2018 18 volunteers worked on CHVTC, 805 hours on trails and 341 hours on meetings and admin, total 1146 hours.  Upper Valley Trails Alliance teens helped with 156 hours, grand total 1302 hours.  We patrolled 16 miles of trail, cleaned 200+ drains + side ditches twice, blazed 4.7 miles, set 120 rocks in new steps and waterbars.  Admin was 310 hours because we organized as a NH non-profit, with website and a webwright, signs, a new map etc.

On Mt. Cardigan State Forest

– West Ridge Trail: 60 drains, r&r 12′ waterbar, blaze ORANGE / Skyland, r&r 6′ sill \ Cliff’s Bridge (12′ by).

– South Ridge Trail: 15 drains, blaze ORANGE \ Rimrock & WHITE / Rimrock, trim.

– Mowglis Trail: blaze WHITE, trim (including Hanging Rock).

– Clark Trail / South Ridge: blaze WHITE.

– Ranger Cabin Trail: blaze ORANGE, trim.

– Skyland Trail E. of Crane Mtn.: trim.

Cardigan total 164 hours.

On Mt. Sunapee State Park

– Newbury Trail, Rim Trail: 48 drains, trim.

– Andrew Brook Trail: 42 drains, ditch for SPNHF.

Adopted trails on Sunapee total   77 hours.

– Summit Trail: inventory, quarry 74 rocks for 4 rock stairs and 44 waterbars especially for NH State Parks.

UVTA teens 156 hours in 2 days on 19 sites, CHVTC total 134 hours in 7 days on 29 sites,

Total 290 hours.

On Mt. Kearsarge State Forest

– Rollins Trail adopted June 6: 12 drains, 11 pavers by 10 yard ditch, 9 rock steps.

– Winslow Trail authorized June 26: we built 21 rock steps, redug drains, built a screefield by too-high rock steps by another crew 2015, , added 10 RED blaze boards + blazes / treeline.

– Barlow Trail: scout & report, blaze YELLOW / treeline.

Kearsarge total 185 hours

For NH Fish & Game on Cole Pond Trail, Enfield: 25 drains, trim. Demolish beaver dam.

12 hours.

Two of us attended 3-day basic rigging school w/ Griphoist by Jed Talbot at Bartlett, sponsored by White Mountains Trails Collective.

42 hours.

We oriented the DOC summer crew on alpine rigging with tripods at Mt. Moosilauke summit.

32 hours.

On Crawford Path @ N. Eisenhower loop, for USFS, we barricaded herd paths, We also sawed out two leaners over Webster Cliff Trail (AT) by Mizpah Hut and cleaned 25 drains Mizpah Cutoff.

56 hours.

Other outreach work:

D acres, 5 culverts – 13 hrs

Paradise Park, Windsor VT bridge beams on cribs + saw deckboards – 11 hrs

UVTA stone ramp @ bridge – 3hrs

Wrentham MA 5 rock steps of granite pavers – 3 hrs

Mt. Monadnock for SPNHF a 6-rock waterbar, 4 log waterbars, 2 drainage dips – 12 hrs

Slade Brook Bridge II for Hanover Trails, 3 32′ stringers on sills by Griphoist. Posts, braces, midrail  – 34 hrs

Barney Brook Trail for MSGTC, scout fixtures for 2019 – 3hrs

Weare NH sidehill + drains for SPNHF 12 hr;Welton Falls S. scout 6 hrs

Butterfield Pond Trail clean 5 drains 1 hr; Holt-Cutoff-Clark Trails scout 8/2, 11/4, report – 5hrs

Total – 103 hours.


Quabbin2Cardigan – 4 hrs

WMTC  – 8 hrs

UVTA – 2 hrs

Mount Sunapee Advisory Committee – 1 hr

Vail 1 hr

Crawford Path after action review 2 hrs

Forests & Lands – 2hrs

SPNHF 3 hrs

Total 31 hours


Organize as NH non-profit, website (& webwright @  8 hr/month Sep-Dec), reports, signs,

new map of Sunapee, donors, tools, reports…

Total of 310 hours

These volunteers are admirable. Their dedication to working safely on quality projects is surpassed by very few. Their team spirit is really exceptional. We hope many more turn out in 2019, to be welcomed and brought in to this outstanding full-service trail crew. Everyone who hikes their trails appreciates them.

Respectfully submitted,
Craig Sanborn, Trailmaster  crgsnbrn@yahoo.com


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