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photo credit Bob H.

2022:  38th Worklog Summary for Cardigan Highlanders Volunteer Trail Crew

By cardiganhighlanders | Dec 15, 2022

Seventeen volunteers turned out: 10 had and 6 earned their tartans. The 812 hrs on trails is 158% of the average of the last 5 years pre-covid: 476 hrs. That 812 hrs includes 3 days from 2 YMCA teen crews on service trips: 300 hrs. Our admin hrs = 158, outreach hrs = 59, so…

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Putting Trails to Bed for the Winter, AKA Raking, Raking, Raking…

By cardiganhighlanders | Nov 16, 2022

A clean drain is a happy drain! The trailwork manuals say that drains should be cleared of leaves before snowfall. Dry leaves do rake MUCH easier now than do soaked ones in May. Cleaning drains now means they can handle downpours and snowmelt right into next summer. Some crews heed this advice, some do not.…

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Friends of Mount Sunapee releases a new film

By Wes Tucker | Oct 26, 2022

The Friends of Mount Sunapee has announced the release of a new film focused on Mount Sunapee’s Old Growth Forest. The film, The Forgotten Forest Primeval Re-Discovering Mount Sunapee’s Old Growth, highlights the rare, exemplary forest on Mount Sunapee as well as the early history of its protection as Forest Society’s first reservation in 1911.…

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10/8/22 Lake Solitude Trail, Mt. Sunapee: Autumn on the Mountain

By cardiganhighlanders | Oct 11, 2022

This foliage season is easily the most spectacular one hereabouts in many years. After a drought, there was enough rain in September to let the hardwoods really blaze with color against the constant of dark green spruce, fir and hemlock. Swamp maples in bright scarlet, sugar maples in yellow or orange, beeches in a lighter…

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Photo by Nick Colaiacomo

Words of Wisdom

By Wes Tucker | Sep 24, 2022

“Everything we do here has it’s applications to water.” CLICK PICTURE BELOW TO PLAY VIDEO

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7/11 – 9/16; Remove & Replace Old Wood Steps and Waterbars on West Ridge Trail

By cardiganhighlanders | Sep 19, 2022

One major focus of 2022’s work was to remove and replace old rotting broken woodwork on West Ridge Trail, the main tourist trail up Mt Cardigan from the west. It climbs moderate grades on deep mineral soil, varied by steeper bands of ledge, until it encounters bedrock ledges just above Cliff’s Bridge which it follows to…

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9/10: More Rocks for Winslow Trail

By cardiganhighlanders | Sep 11, 2022

We were a crew of two, so we decided to gain time by working from the bottom up instead of the top down. We added a largish pin rock to an older waterbar. At the upper side of the powerline cut, we added a rock step to help hikers climb a short but steep slope. The new…

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photo credit Bob H.

Winslow Trail 8/27: Rocks and Bars

By cardiganhighlanders | Aug 30, 2022

The crew gathered at the Winslow trailhead at 0900, and what with trading news, greeting friends, waivers and tools etc we started the hike uphill at almost 1000. The day was cool and breezy, very pleasant, and we enjoyed taking our time up to the flight of 10 rock stairs we built last year. Just…

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8/26: Retirees Redeck 8′ Bridge on West Ridge Trail

By cardiganhighlanders | Aug 26, 2022

Back in April 1986, by request of the ranger-in-charge, we moved West Ridge Trail from its old route across a bog to a parallel route just to the north that crosses gently sloping ground, which made it possible to drain that route. We built the first bridge across a small brook, two stringers of local…

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