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8/28: Stepping It Up On Mt. Kearsarge

By Wes Tucker | Aug 30, 2021

On Saturday we were five at Winslow State Park at 0900. The weather was cooler, and drier after the week’s melting humidity, and we soon lugged bars, shovels, and pick up to where we stopped work on 7/31. We just carried on uphill, removing roots only as needed, digging a hole just uphill of the…

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Friday 8/27 South Ridge Trail

By Wes Tucker | Aug 29, 2021

Today, two retired volunteers toted pick, bar, and shovel out on South Ridge Trail beyond the 9 drains we re-dug on 8/5. The trail is gradual on that stretch, but gullies enough to make for few places for a drain and its ditch to carry runoff. We warmed up by setting a rock of ~…

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Sat 8/21/21: Andrew Brook Trail, but not from the top.

By Wes Tucker | Aug 22, 2021

When we three volunteers met at the ski area parking at 0900, we gathered around the map to try to think of our next move. To wait for the chairlift ride at 1000, then hike 1.5 miles over to the top of the work area, meant starting at lunchtime. One of us had to depart…

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Hiking Above Treeline: Coloring Inside the Lines

By Wes Tucker | Aug 20, 2021

By Wes Tucker I once saw a book titled, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. The same thing could be said about hiking above treeline, because it’s all about staying inside the lines and connecting the dots. I’m sure most of you are aware that as you climb higher up in…

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Sat 8/7: Cardigan West Ridge Trail \ Cliff’s Bridge

By Wes Tucker | Aug 13, 2021

by Scott MacFaden We had a good day on the trail. Conditions were somewhat muggy but not oppressive, and many folks were out enjoying a fine August day on mighty Mt. Cardigan. Numerous hikers expressed their thanks to the crew for its decades of service to the trails on Cardigan, and it is gratifying to…

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7/31/21: Mount Kearsarge Step-by-Step

By Wes Tucker | Aug 2, 2021

Saturday’s cool dry weather was a delight after weeks of tropical rain and smoky haze (3rd rainiest month at Concord since 1869!). About 1000 we four lugged rock bars and picks and shovels, up Winslow Trail about 0.4 miles, briefly discussing trail fixtures we crossed. We soon came to our worksite, a gully in soil,…

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Camp Highlander on the Newbury Trail

By Wes Tucker | Jul 20, 2021

On Friday July 16, the Highlanders teamed up with a group from a local summer camp to brush out the Newbury Trail on Mount Sunapee. 11 campers, all 15-16 years old, were accompanied by 3 camp counselors, and supervised by CHVTC leaders Craig Sanborn and Bob Humphrey. Due to the July heat, safety for all…

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Andrew Brook From the Top Down, Sat., 10 July

By Wes Tucker | Jul 12, 2021

by Craig Sanborn We made it a leisurely day, thus a relaxed day. At 0900 we five met at the Mt Sunapee ski area. At 1000 we were the first ones riding the chairlift uphill on our comp tickets (hanks to the Resort). By 1115 we arrived at White Ledges above Lake Solitude for a…

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Cole Pond Trail, Enfield NH, Sat 6/26

By Wes Tucker | Jun 30, 2021

by Craig Sanborn Today saw three of us on Cole Pond Trail for five hours. It was humid, but cool enough under the leaf canopy. We added four paver rocks, two more rocks just below the berm of a waterbar to hold that soil in place and give a better step for hikers than the…

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