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Photo by Jack van Hoff

Mitigating Erosion and a 24″ Surprise

By Wes Tucker | Jun 28, 2021

The pandemic has receded this spring, the NH State Bird aka the black fly has outlived its usefulness and gone home till next year, and the trail crew is fixing trails damaged by heavy use and normal wear and tear. On June 18-19, four of us turned out for six hours each day. It felt…

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NH State Parks Volunteer Program 2020 Annual Report

By Wes Tucker | May 17, 2021

Thanks to your efforts, CHVTC figures rather prominently in this report from NH Department of Natural and Cultural Resources (DNCR).  Thanks again to all our volunteers, and Well Done!

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2020: 36th Worklog Summary

By Wes Tucker | May 16, 2021

“The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley.” – Burns, To a Mouse, 1785. The covid pandemic has forced us all to change plans. Most trails had 2x the hikers with but ½ the crew to fix their impacts and tend trail. Eleven volunteers worked on CHVTC. Their 429 hr on trails is…

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Building Bridges

By Wes Tucker | May 7, 2021

Cardigan Highlanders Volunteer Trail Crew is not unique, most trail crews build bridges at need and by their abilities. This list is for our volunteers, colleagues, and clients. BTW, this list does not include dozens of bog bridges. Volunteers, Thank you VERY much for so generously giving of your time and talents. This is not…

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“Too Much Traffic”: When a Park Gets too much Love

By cardiganhighlanders | May 28, 2020

Ms. Kolb describes an extreme case of what we see on most trails in New Hampshire during this pandemic: social crowding by people escaping the trail closures where they live. For example, at 1:30 PM on Saturday April 25 below the closed gate for the Mt Cardigan access road, I counted 106 cars. That increases…

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2019: 35th Work-log Summary

By cardiganhighlanders | Dec 6, 2019

In 2019 11 volunteers worked on CHVTC, 657 hours on trails and 207 hours on meetings and admin, total  864 hours. Upper Valley Trails Alliance teens were 84 hours, Camp Onaway teens were 80 hours, Thus  the grand  total is 1028 hours.  We patrolled 16 miles of trail, cleaned 200+ drains and side ditches  x…

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West Ridge Trail, October 5th

By cardiganhighlanders | Oct 9, 2019

From for the West Ridge Trail on October 5th: Over 4 trips beyond such routine jobs as cleaning drains and chopping blowdowns, Cardigan Highlanders Volunteer Trail Crew has built fixtures to mitigate erosion problems 0.6 miles above the trailhead. Those washouts result from snowshoers packing down a monorail of ice that dammed a seasonal stream that…

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We have stayed active the last 6 weeks or so. Please forgive me for not having hours here, but this is a lot of work:

By cardiganhighlanders | Sep 10, 2019

 – We hosted 6 campers and 2 leaders from Camp Onaway, who helped us brush out Skyland Trail.  We were three, and blazed it in white, according to the 1987 agreement for Cardigan. – We then hosted 10 teens and three leaders from the Upper Valley Trails Alliance on Newbury Trail west of Rim Trail, adding…

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Mizpah-Crawford Path Trip Report 8-19

By cardiganhighlanders | Sep 1, 2019

By Scott MacFaden CVHTC Board Member and Keeper of the Cuaich On an oppressively hot and humid afternoon in late August, three members of the Cardigan Highlanders Volunteer Trail Crew –Craig Sanborn, Bruce James, and I, arrived at the Crawford Path trailhead on Mt. Clinton Road to begin our three-day adventure on the Crawford Path. …

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