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Work Day - Monday October 14th

Weather forecast looking sunny for next Monday Oct 14 Columbus Day, and it being the last day the summit chair runs til winter, we can do this:  meet 0900 that day at Quick Shop gas station next to Bubba's, Rte. 103 Newbury NH.  If needed, spot a car at Mt. Sunapee Resort.  Leave remaining cars at east end Newbury Trail and hike west uphill 2.5 miles to Jack & June Jct. cutting brush and raking drains on the way, then west 1.2 mi. to summit with long break on White Ledges.  At summit, last chair down is 1515 so we probably have more time to hang out and enjoy the views.  We descend via summit chair, drive back to our remaining cars at east end Newbury Trail, and return to Quick Shop for refreshments.
Usual gear: food, 2 qt. water, leather boots, long pants, BYO work gloves or we issue you a pair.  BYO tools although we have plenty.

IF we have enough crew, we can send a team up chairlift when it opens at 1000.  They hike over to top of Andrew Brook Trail and descend that, brushing and raking drains as they go.  We spot their car on Mountain Rd. at the base of that trail, and all meet at Quick Shop for refreshments.  We stay in contact by cell phone where we can.

Please reply all to sign up for this day, and reply me if you have any questions. It will be grand to see everyone who can come, and to hike together.  Thanks for your work, it is noticed.


Craig Sanborn, CHVTC

West Ridge Trail Tue 6/11 PM and Sat 6/15

We return to the West Ridge Trail this Tue  at noon, after the rain and with a 15 mph nw wind; same place Sat at 9 AM w/ less wind but on our 1st + 3rd Sat as our BOD wants..  Melanie, please post Sat work on our website and on Nature Groupie.
For both trips we meet Canaan NH, jct. Rtes. 4 + 118, noon Tue and 9 AM Sat.  Gear esp. food + water as for dayhike, boots, long pants, long sleeves.  If you've earned your crew tartan, please wear it. Broad-brim hat or baseball cap highly recommended because we lend bugnets so they don't get in our faces, quite.
BYO workgloves or we issue you a pair.  Tools supplied.  Cold drinks in Canaan after work.
Work is we continue moving large rocks to make sidehill trail beside ditch, and we build 2 rock waterbars (first one was 5 rocks we built last Sat. just above).  Much other work if we have too many handsEmoji: barricade bootleg paths, rake drains, etc.
Please reply all to sign up for these days, and ask any questions.  More news as it comes in.  Thank you.

May 4th - Mt. Sunapee 9:00 am

Meet at the Newbury Quick-stop at the Junction of Routes 103 & 103A

Join us for a trail day on Mt Sunapee!  We will be working to rake drains and trim back brush, especially the hobble bush while the leaves are small so we are able to see the stems to cut them!

We'll send teams to various trails we tend on that mountain, do our work, and meet after for cold drinks.

Bring usual gear for day hike incl. plenty of food, 2 qt. water, raingear, sun hat.  BYO work gloves or we'll issue a pair.  Wear leather boots, long pants.
Please email us to let us know you will be joining!  See you on the Trail!
Due to variable weather and to accommodate our volunteers and clients, we usually invite volunteers by email several days before the workday. 
We work weekdays and the first and third Saturdays May - October, but weather has forced changes several times this season. 
The best way to sign up is to email us so we can add you to the email invitation list.
Please email us if you have any questions.  
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