Month: March 2016

2015 Report Summary

Newbury Trail work sites 8-17-15 steps in place before more scree
More rocks to protect soil from eroding were added to either side of this staircase on Newbury Trail.
This new 20′ bridge over Bog Brook sits on cribs that raise it 30″ higher than the old one that washed away three times

In our 2015 season we worked over 800 hours keeping the 15 miles of trail we tend open and blazed.  We also added 110 new rock steps, 6 new rock waterbars, a 12′ bridge on Barlow Trail and a 20′ bridge with Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway Trail Club ( happenings).  The State values our work at more than $18,000 they didn’t have to spend, and they awarded us a Volunteer Service Award in recognition of our 30 years of service.

Plans and options for the 2016 season are coming along well.  We plan to build more rock steps and drains at several sites on Mt. Sunapee, replace old woodwork on Mt. Cardigan, and keep all our trails open, blazed, and the drains open.  There is a good chance we can build more rockwork on some trails near the road in the White Mountain National Forest.


New in 2016:  The State is expected to offer new volunteer service agreements for each of their groups. We may then transition to a board of directors form of governing this crew, and be able to raise funds to support our activities. Liability  concerns are becoming more prominent for all volunteer groups, and we aim to address those proactively through better training and procedures. Changes are coming, and we welcome them. They will help us be a better volunteer trail crew.