Spring patrol 2016

After the winter that warn’t we have hiked the trails in our care, cleaning 160+ drains, chopping 7 blowdowns, and brushing 1/2 mile of Newbury Trail. Trails on Mt. Cardigan above 2500′ are still frozen but turning to mud, so we’ll wait a week or so before we try to work there.

Once the ground thaws, we’ll re-set wood steps heaved by the frost, and re-dig the remaining waterbars to normal design specs. Then we break for black fly season, and start the construction season after Father’s Day.

We have six or more sites on Mt. Sunapee where we plan to build short relocations to raise the trail above brook beds, or stabilize eroded trails with rock steps and better waterbars. There may be a 20′ bridge to build if the landowner wants one.

We are looking at a season of interesting work in 3 or 4 places. When we have them agreed on we will post a schedule here. Meantime, let us keep to the drier trails for our hikes so we do not cause more erosion by walking beside the muddy trail. Thank you.


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