Month: May 2016

Patrol Winslow Trail 5/26

The Spring patrol season continues.  We have cleaned the 160 drains on our trails on Mt. Cardigan and Mt. Sunapee, removed 11 blowdowns in 13 miles of trail, added 17 small stepstones in mudholes, replaced a broken signpost a mile uphill from the trailhead, and harvested a dozen or so trees to barricade herd paths tourists wore through the woods during the mud season. The hours total 196, and that does not count work on other trails, meetings, etc.

Now we have been authorized to perform Spring patrol on Winslow Trail on Mt. Kearsarge near Wilmot NH.  We will meet there at 9 AM this Thursday May 26.  If you are interested in attending, the fastest way to reach the day’s leader is via their email,


We often turn out for a few to several hours of trailwork on weekdays depending on who is interested. As it says on our card, “willing workers welcome, workdays by appointment.”

Send me an email at and we can arrange a time. There is always plenty to do. Thank you.