Thu 6/16 and Sat 6/18

Good morning, trail crew.
    June 4 on Pitcher Mtn. with Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway Trail Club went well.  Two of us were joined by four from that club.  On the north side of the mountain we raked five old waterbars and rebuilt four more mostly by adding rocks below their downhill side to hold soil from the ditch on the berm.  Out among the blueberry bushes near the summit we added two new waterbars.  One was north of the summit, where we rested in the shade of the firetower for lunch.  Then we built the other plus a rock step in a small gully on a steep slope just south of the summit.  We made it back to the trailhead by 3 PM in time for the pizza from MSGTC.
    Last Thu 6/9 we began a trail relocation to lift the trail up out of a brook bed on Rim Trail on Mt. Sunapee.  We set 8 small pavers to fill holes across a boulder field, and we also set 10 rock steps in a staircase up a slope.  This site is black organic soil on top of rocks, with little if any mineral soil.  I expect we will end up with paver rocks on most of it just to prevent the erosion that would happen with hikers crossing it, although we are going to dig for mineral soil on Thursday.
    This Thu 6/16 we will return and continue that job.  We will meet at the upper parking lot at Mt. Sunapee Resort ski area at 9 AM.  We will drive to the trailhead and carry tools up about 0.4 miles to the jobsite.  We will quarry and set more rocks to continue a hardened erosion-resistant treadway along the relo until we decide it is time to quit for the day, which is most likely between 3 PM and 4 PM.  Please BYO gear for a dayhike, plenty of food and water, work gloves, and the can-do spirit of teamwork that makes this work fun.
    Then on Sat 6/18 we move to Winslow Trail on Mt. Kearsarge. There we will work from the trailhead upwards, restoring old fixtures and defining the trail etc.
Meet at Winslow State Park at 9 AM, or you are welcome to join us at breakfast at the Blackwater on Rte 4 just east of the south end of Rte 4-A at 8 AM.  Same BYO list.
    Please email the crew leader at to sign up or ask any further questions.  I look forward to seeing you.
Yours,  Craig

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