7/27 & later

We have found that starting at 8 AM and quitting around 2 PM works quite well for those able to attend, so we will continue those hours.  Latecomers are welcome to join us at the worksite.

On Wednesday July 27 three of us rigged our rope puller for two straight pulls to stage 10 quarried rocks below a slope that is just under the trail relocation we are building on Mt. Sunapee. On Saturday July 30 four of us pulled them and a few more up that slope on rails to stage them right by where we plan to set them as steps climbing up the slope. Another 2 days there and we hope to finish this job.

On Sunday 7/31 six of us met to prepare to organize as a NH non-profit.  We adopted a mission statement, bylaws, and considered the language in a draft MOA from the State.  When the State buys a liability policy for its volunteer groups we are ready to incorporate, negotiate the MOA, and be covered by that policy. Meantime we carry on as ever under the RSAs.

Back on the trail, we welcomed the High School Trail Corps from the Upper Valley Trails Alliance on West Ridge Trail last Wednesday.  They followed our worklist and added pin rocks to 20 old wooden steps and waterbars. Next Spring we plan to harvest fresh trees to replace several old ones that will become barricade at trailside.

We returned to Winslow Trail on Thursday 8/4.  There we were lucky enough to find a large rock 3′ from where we used it as a stepstone to complete a cross-drain. We added another next to it, then moved uphill over rock steps built by the SCA summer crew leaders school in 2015 and Trailwrights in 2014. Where the trail funnels between two boulders we saw the need of a few rock steps, but we spent the rest of the morning finding a few that were acceptable. Where the good rock is depends on geology and what direction the last glacier flowed.

After lunch, two of us focused on setting rock for steps, and the third dug a rock-backed drainage dip just uphill from the steps to protect them from floods. We added a rock step to restore a waterbar just uphill and then decided to quit while we were ahead.  The cold drinks at the store never tasted better.

Watch this page for a workday next week.  Thank you for your interest.


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