Rim Trail rockwork 8/31 9 AM

Good afternoon, trail crew,
    With a forecast for cooler dry air, we’ll return to the Rim Trail this Wednesday 8/31.  We’ll meet at the ski area at Mt. Sunapee at 9 AM.  There we’ll set rocks in a staircase to protect the trail from erosion by keeping hikers on a hardened path.  The usual gear list applies: leather boots, long pants, BYO work gloves, lunch, 2 qt. water.  Please email crgsnbrn@yahoo.com so leader can inform you of any changes.
     The rocks are staged near the site, so all we have to do is set them.  We hope to finish the rockwork on this relocation on this workday, and perhaps have a grand opening with ribbon-cutting and photos later this Fall.
    When this job is done, we’ll move on to Cole Pond Trail in Enfield, which needs more waterbars, steps, pavers, brushing, and two bridges (of small pieces assembled onsite).  There we plan some work on Saturdays to make the trip more worthwhile for those with a longer drive, as well as to recruit new volunteers locally.  If interested, please email crgsnbrn@yahoo.com about this trail.
    Thank you for your support.  With two months left, this is already a very good season for this crew.
Yours,  Craig

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