8/29: Rollins Trail Side Ditches

Having a day of clearing weather, two members of the 90/70 Club drove up the auto road from Warner. They dug a new side or interceptor ditch at the uphill side of this trail, which is in a gully ~ 4' deep. Small rocks and gravel, pick it to loosen them, shovel them up and onto the treadway beside the ditch, rake smoother with a garden rake. When dried and compacted by hikers this makes a much firmer place to walk, so hopefully people will not walk on the forest soil just beside the trail. We threw surplus rocks and other stuff there to encourage walking on the trail.

The day was foggy at 0900, by 1100 the mist started to lift, and by 1300 it was sunny. After work we enjoyed the sun and breeze for an hour, swapping the usual stories... Oh yes, about that Club: 90/70 refers only to the fact that the workers were over 70 YO, and dug 90' of new ditch while fixing another 90' of it uphill. Sorry for those who thought there may be a new list of peaks to bag. Sorry also that there is no photo from this job, but if you don't know what a drainage ditch is by now, you oughtta get out and walk more.

Yours, from the bottom of the wee dig,