2019: 35th Work-log Summary

In 2019 11 volunteers worked on CHVTC, 657 hours on trails and 207 hours on meetings and admin, total  864 hours. Upper Valley Trails Alliance teens were 84 hours, Camp Onaway teens were 80 hours,

Thus  the grand  total is 1028 hours.

 We patrolled 16 miles of trail, cleaned 200+ drains and side ditches  x 2, blazed 4.0 miles, set 35 rocks in steps and waterbars, and quarried 17 rocks for bridge abutments.

 In 2020 we will have carryovers: Bog Rd. bridge, Barney Brook rockwork (FREE FOOD,  shelter @ parking), Rollins Trail re-build fixtures. Other sites negotiable D.O. crew and landowner interest.

On Mt. Cardigan State Forest:  17 blowdowns.

 – West Ridge Trail: 60 drains, 5 rock steps, 16 in 3 rock waterbars;  r&r 5’ wb; r&r 2 crib logs \ Cliff’s Bridge; r&r 3 deckboards bog relo bridge, trim.

 – South Ridge Trail: 15 drains, trim.

 – Mowglis Trail: trim N. of Crag Camp, which was OK.   – Ranger Cabin Trail, trim.

 – Skyland Trail: blaze WHITE, brush.  CHVTC 26 hr, Onaway 80 hr.       CHVTC Cardigan total 312 hr 

     On Mt. Sunapee State Park:  49 blowdowns.

 – Newbury Trail, Rim Trail: 48 drains, brush Newbury Trail W. of Rim Tr.   – Lake Solitude Trail, trim.

 – Andrew Brook Trail: 46 drains, trim.

 – Newbury Trail: flag, 7 rock steps.  CHVTC 15 hr, UVTA 84 hr.           CHVTC Sunapee total 148 hr

     On Mt Kearsarge State Forest:  2 blowdowns.

 – Rollins Trail was ATV for fire tower per NH Forests and Lands all season.  We’ll fix trail 2020.

 – Winslow Trail: 6-rock waterber,  5’ wood step.                         CHVTC Kearsarge total 28 hr

     For NH Fish & Game, Cole Pond Trail, Bog Rd, Enfield: 2 blowdowns, 25 drains, quarried 17 rocks,

Old bridge rotted 5/13, replace 2020.                                                                  CHVTC Cole Pond total 44 hr

   For USFS via WMTC, Crawford Path just \ jct.  A.T. ~4200’: 3 x 8’ bog bridges of lumber, 1 moved.

                                                                                                                            CHVTC Crawford Path total 54 hr

   Other outreach work:  Barney Brook scout for MSGTC  15 hr; Summit Trail scout 8 hr;  Winslow & Barlow Trs scout 5 hr; @ Eastman, for donation, 2 rock steps and scree  12 hr; Hanover Conservancy

Mink Brook bridge scout 4 hr;  Butterfield Pond Trail clean 5 drains  1 hr; Woodland-Clark-Cutoff-Holt

Trails scout 9/10, 11/10 26 hr.                                                                               CHVTC others total 71 hr

    Meetings not w/ CHVTC:  DNCR 4 hr, WMTC 16 hr, MSGTC 6 hr, MSAC 2 hr, UVTA 2 hr:            32 hr

   Admin: meet, webwright @ 8 hr/moth, Team Ldr committee, tools, reports, Group VSA contract, Annual Work Plan for DNCR, tools, donors, reports…                                                   CHVTC total 175 hr

    After 35 years, we still have the right to call ourselves a full-service trail crew.  We are few, but tight as a crew and good at our work. The trails need more like us. Here’s tae us, wha’s like us, damn’ few…

Thanks to the crew.  Moran taing, agus slainte mhath.

Respectfully submitted,

Craig Sanborn, CHVTC    Trailmaster [email protected]