2020: 36th Worklog Summary

“The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley.” - Burns, To a Mouse, 1785.

The covid pandemic has forced us all to change plans. Most trails had 2x the hikers with but ½ the crew to fix their impacts and tend trail.

Eleven volunteers worked on CHVTC. Their 429 hr on trails is 90% of their average of the last five years, 476 hr. Admin time adds 235 hr, total CHVTC is 664hr. Upper Valley Trails Alliance teen crew adds 66 hr, so total 720 hr trail time.

Only the neediest jobs got help:

  • barricade lowest mile West Ridge Trail, Mt Cardigan (130 hr),
  • 30 new rocks in x-drains,steps, waterbars Rollins Trail, Mt Kearsarge (70 hr),
  • new bridge Bog Rd., Cole Pond Trail, Enfield NH (132 hr, 103 hr 2020).

We patrolled 16 miles, cleaned 200+ drains x2, set 44 rocks, r+r 5 log fixtures In 2021 we'll meet, train leaders, recruit, and grow. The worklist has many carryovers.

On Mt. Cardigan State Forest: 16 blowdowns.
West Ridge Trail: 60 drains, r+r 3 log fixtures, 12' fir wb. 104 hr.
South Ridge Trail: 15 drains, trim. 16 hr.
Mowglis Trail: Trim to 2014 relo, 12 blowdowns. 12 hr.
CHVTC Cardigan total: 132hr

On Mt. Sunapee State Park: 11 blowdowns.
Newbury Tr, Andrew Brook Tr, Rim Tr: 94 drains.
CHVTC Sunapee total: 76 hr

On Mt. Kearsarge State Forest:
Rollins Trail: ~20 drains. 30 new rocks in fixtures: 70 hr.
Winslow Trail: 30 drains. r+r 14' wb.: 16 hr.
CHVTC Kearsarge total: 86 hr

For NH F&G, Cole Pond Trail on Bog Rd, Enfield NH: 1 blowdown.
24 drains, 14 pavers set: 32 hr. New bridge: demo'd old one, built new abutments of ~40 rocks we quarried. On 18' oak skidder bridge from John Brown, Weare NH, we built curbs, handrails braced to deadmen, 2 8' ramps, to be ADA-compliant. Total 132 hr, 103 hr in 2020.
CHVTC Cole Pond total: 135 hr

Other outreach: Hanover Conservancy, Mink Brook bridge 16 hr; Summit Tr scout 2 hr; Croo Bridge 6/12, 9/25: 5 hr.

Admin: webwright @ 8 hr/mo= 96 hr, Team Ldr cttee, tools, reports, AWP to DNCR, covid SOP,
salvage ~ 200 SPF 2x4x~39” /pallet \tarp (50 now ramps Bog Rd bridge) 30 hr, Team Leader Certificates 80 hr, emails, meetings...
CHVTC admin total: 235 hr

CHVTC 2020 hours grand total: 664 hr We turned out and worked safe when most needed. The public and our bosses are thankful. In 2021 we can grow stronger and larger, with another season of good projects well done in 2020. Many thanks to all who helped, whether they could be onsite or not. Slainte mhath, mo caraid.

Respectfully submitted,

Craig Sanborn, CHVTC Trailmaster