Sat., 6/29: Clrearing Drains & Blowdowns on Mount Sunapee

On Saturday June 29th CHVTC members Josh, Scott, Aurel, and Bob spent 8 hours working on the Andrew Brook Trail. We cleaned and, in most cases, re-dug 32 drains. The four of us spent about an hour on one particularly large side drain not far from the trail head.

We then worked our way up the trail cleaning drains, clearing major blow downs, and cleared several saplings leaning into the trail all of which were at eye level and a potential hazard to hikers.

In all we cleaned and dug 32 drains, removed 3 major blow downs, removed minor saplings leaning into the trail, and added barricade in 3 sites where side trails were impacting the forest.

We also spent considerable time formulating a plan for some serious rock work and drainage just a short distance uphill of the third brook crossing. Scott, Bob, and Josh are hoping to revisit the site soon for a day of class 2 construction. We hope to address a major problem with drainage and footing at that location.

Around 3 PM the predicted rains began to fall and being about 1 ½ miles from the trailhead we decided to call it quits and hike out. It was a very productive day with a lot of good work accomplished.

Bob Humphrey

Josh, Scott & Aurel working on side ditch.
More ditching work,
Josh preparing to cut a large blowdown.
Making the cut.
Blow down removed and trail opened.
Josh making the last cut on another big blowdown.
Trail opened back up.


  1. Wes Tucker on July 9, 2024 at 8:08 am

    Thanks for all the hard work!

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