Well Done, Wes!

by Craig Sanborn

Wes Tucker is our graphic artist, cartographer, and web minion (he runs the website and calls on the webwright to repair it). About a year ago he presented the crew with a new map of Mt. Sunapee, with trails overlaid on a topo map, conserved land boundaries, ski trails and lifts, etc. We have used this map to good effect. Last month I made more copies for us to use, and had some laminated. Three such have been given to Newbury Fire Dept, Newbury Police Dept, and NH Fish & Game Dept., with our compliments. Those maps may be very handy for cases of search and rescue. They also have our logo and name in a box at the corner, so all who see the map know whence it comes. Good P.R...

Therefore, Well done indeed, Wes! Thank you VERY much.


Editor's Note: To see what all the fuss is about, use this link to download the map on PDF.

CHVTC Mount Sunapee Trail Map

Sunapee Map logo