10/13/23: Bicknell Brook Trail Bridge, Enfield Volunteer Trail Crew.

10/13/23 Bicknell Brook Trail Bridge

This job was about 6 hours of dragging beams and toting tools and actual assembly by three of us, but about another 12 hours of dragging some of the materials, purchasing, cutting and prepping the pressure treated lumber, design, more dragging by people who could not attend, appropriations from the Conservation Commission,
storing lumber at the Town shed... People who don't appear on the crew list helped a lot, and they each contributed encouragement and good will. In all, there is about $200 in lumber and fasteners.

This bridge has an 8' section and a 10' section, meeting on a crib that sits on flat rocks slightly moved in a big mudhole or seep, where there is no actual channel in or out. The ground is rough and hummocky, so we figured to limit hiker impact by providing a clear dry path in place of herd paths as hikers sought drier footing.

Craig Sanborn,

Here are some photos: