CHVTC Annual Meeting 2024

The crew held their annual meeting on Saturday March 9 2024. All seven Directors attended, strengthened by three interested volunteers.

They approved the 2023 minutes and heard the President report. The treasury is healthy thanks to appealing to large donors by the President and the Trailmaster. Convincing them to unlimber their checkbooks is greatly helped by the annual worklog summary we publish in December, which would not be much without the time and skills of the active volunteers. Well Done, crew!!

As there were no other candidates for positions, the current officers were all re-elected: President Steve D., V. President Wes T., Secretary Kathy R., Treasurer and Trailmaster Craig S.

The Trailmaster then reported. First were any questions or remarks on the 2023 worklog. A question of clearing blowdowns in winter was asked.

The SOP consensed is this: email Trailmaster before you go and upon return, with trail, crew, hours, and work done. For safety, at least two crew, and hand tools only. This may be revised after further consultation.

Second was the 2024 worklist. The Team Leaders and Trailmaster met about this on February 10. We adopt a dozen trails or 20 miles on Mt.
Cardigan, Mt. Kearsarge, and Mt. Sunapee. All need a Spring patrol to chop blowdowns, clean waterbars, and note new jobs to fix. That is trail
tending or level 1 work.

After the NH State Bird aka the black fly goes dormant till next May, the building season runs through October. Of seven trails that need more steps, waterbars, etc. we prioritized the top four neediest ones. Building is level 2 work. We'll add blaze boards to Mowglis Trail at treeline also.

Two TLs attended, copies of the worklist resulting were mailed to the two who could not attend.

Back at the annual meeting, we heard nothing lately about the State's chainsaw safety class; our sawyers are at the top of the list as students
when the State has one. Joshua M., being interviewed and accepted by the Trailmaster as a Team Leader level 2, was given his certificate. He joins the other three TLs, one at level 1 and two at level 2. Thus we are ready to welcome more volunteers and to tend and build our way
through 2024.

Wednesdays this year we are on Cardigan. Other places are as announced, usually ten days beforehand. Monadnock Trails Week is 9/6-9/9. We'll still have a crew day the 3rd Saturday of each month June-Oct. That is on our website, Nature Groupie, and other places.

We are adding more first aid gear and training to the TL job. When our people who have passed WFA (wilderness first aid) have met about that, we'll have a few hour meeting on just that. For now, they had a display table, and the conversation was pretty lively. Good things ahead.

There being no further business, the President adjourned the meeting, which ran for two hours.

Respectfully submitted,

Craig Sanborn, CHVTC