What We've Been Up To!

8/26: Retirees Redeck 8′ Bridge on West Ridge Trail

By cardiganhighlanders | Aug 26, 2022

Back in April 1986, by request of the ranger-in-charge, we moved West Ridge Trail from its old route across a bog to a parallel route just to the north that crosses gently sloping ground, which made it possible to drain that route. We built the first bridge across a small brook, two stringers of local…

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20 Aug 2022: R&R more woodwork on West Ridge Trail

By cardiganhighlanders | Aug 21, 2022

The format of 13-14 Aug worked well enough that we tried it again: signups determine which day we turn out, so the crew replied all to choose what works best. Because the drains are cleaned, the brush trimmed, and the trails blazed (see 8/4/22 Trailwork Update), we can move on to level 2 building tasks.…

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8/4/22 Trailwork Update: Making Do in the Dog Days of Summer

By cardiganhighlanders | Aug 4, 2022

Let’s see here… We had no interest in travelling to Monadnock Trails Week 7/22-26, due at least in part to temps in the 90s F. I therefore blazed West Ridge Trail in ORANGE below the cascade on 7/23. I rode the chairlift up Mt Sunapee on 7/24, and scouted Lake Solitude Trail for work for…

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Blazing Atop Mount Kearsarge

By cardiganhighlanders | Jul 20, 2022

Let’s see here… four of us returned to Mt Kearsarge up the Rollins Trail on a warm and sunny Sunday. The Winslow two gave the dozen blaze boards their third coat of paint, and blazed the trail in RED from 1/2-way rock to the summit. They barricaded herd paths and brushed out the trail at…

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July 15: Camp Coniston on Mt Cardigan

By cardiganhighlanders | Jul 16, 2022

They are back for the second year. Their workday this time was on the west side of Mt. Cardigan. By arrangement with their coordinator they worked thusly: 12 16-YO teens plus three adult counselors makes three teams of four teens and one counselor. Guided by two Cardigan Highlanders who happen to be retired teachers, as…

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Sunday in the Park with Craig, Bob, Scott, and Ben… but no George

By cardiganhighlanders | Jul 14, 2022

Last Sunday, four Highlanders drove up to Rollins State Park. They all walked up to the summit of Mount Kearsargr via the Rollins Treail. On the way they added two blaze prepped boards, re-painted a few more blazes, barricaded a herd path, and enjoyed the view from the top. A graffiti “artist” seems to have…

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7/7 0n Andrew Brook Trail: They did it! Trail is brushed, blazed, & drains raked.

By cardiganhighlanders | Jul 9, 2022

We hosted a YMCA crew of 10 teenagers, all 16 y.o., and two adult leaders on Andrew Brook Trail on Mt. Sunapee. It takes some time to drive them to that trailhead, drive their van around the mountain to the ski area, drive their driver back to the trailhead, brief them on safe and proper…

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Ditching Work and Rocking Out on the Rollins Trail

By cardiganhighlanders | Jun 27, 2022

It is pleasant to report that our turnout this past Saturday (6/25) was more than replied! Three replied, five appeared on time, and we brought tools enough for all to keep working as planned except at breaks. We dug 65 yards of ditch, plus set two pavers, two rocks to finish a waterbar, and a…

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Highlanders Featured in Valley News

By Wes Tucker | Jun 20, 2022

A recent article publish in Valley News prominently featured the CHVTC and the work we do. The Valley News is the daily newspaper and website serving the Upper Valley region of Vermont and New Hampshire. We would like to thank them for their interest in our work and in the work of other small but…

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