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Sat 5/7: Spring Patrol Cardigan Trails

By cardiganhighlanders | May 8, 2022

Five of us turned out on Mt. Cardigan this morning. We decided to be a waterbar team of two, and a Spring patrol of three. Nick accepted an appointment as acting team leader for the patrol. He led Chuck and Chris from Cliff’s Bridge to Ranger Cabin Trail to South Ridge Trail to Rimrock to…

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NHPR Radio Field Trip

By Wes Tucker | May 5, 2022

Back in 2018, NH Public Radio joined the Highlanders crew on a spring patrol of the Andrew Brook Trail. It’s been a few years but it still holds up well. Here is their report. Enjoy! Spring patrols are starting up now. To get involved check out the Projects Page.  

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Anatomy of a Spring Patrol

By Wes Tucker | Apr 22, 2022

By Wes Tucker Anybody who has spent time in New Hampshire knows that there are more seasons than just the basic four. The spring thaw is followed by mud season. Then fast on it’s heels comes black fly season. But wedged in between them is a brief window of time that Cardigan Highlanders call spring…

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2021 DNCR Volunteer Program Annual Report

By cardiganhighlanders | Apr 5, 2022

Greetings Trail Crew and Friends, Here is yet another year where we may take satisfaction and pride in our work. As you’ll note in our previous 2021 summary worklog post, you carried on in spite of difficult conditions, and the photos there show what good work you do. Here’s to another good season in 2022!…

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Mud Season & Trails

By cardiganhighlanders | Mar 21, 2022

By Bob Humphrey Mud Season has once again come early to Cardigan Highlander territory. Mud season could arguably be the time of year when our trails sustain the most damage. Early warm days start the thawing process and beckon hikers anxious to hit the trails after a long winter hiatus. Unfortunately, this is the worst…

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Springtime Trails: A Time to Tread Lightly

By Wes Tucker | Mar 8, 2022

By Wes Tucker As with most things, spring is a time of transition for a hiking trail. So before you lace up your boots and rush off to the trailhead, please give a thought to the trail itself. Spring is a vulnerable time for a hiking trail. All winter long the treadways (the part of…

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Snowshoeing Icon

Doctor Trail-love Or: How I Learned to Stop Postholing and Love My Snowshoes

By Wes Tucker | Jan 15, 2022

By Wes Tucker I’ll grant you, the snow amounts so far this winter have been underwhelming. But it’s winter in New Hampshire, and that usually means snow… lots of snow. So when the snow does fall, and you plan to hike the trails, you’re going to need a pair of snowshoes. Many new winter hikers…

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Winslow steps 9/25/21

2021: 37th Worklog Summary for Cardigan Highlanders Volunteer Trail Crew

By cardiganhighlanders | Dec 8, 2021

“Volunteers don’t get paid,… they’re priceless.” -F. Magnette Seventeen volunteers turned out; 8 had and 2 earned their tartans. The 508 hrs on trails is 106% of the average of the last 5 years pre-covid: 476 hr. Admin hr is 146, outreach is 40 hr. Total CHVTC: 694 hr. Camp Coniston teen crew adds 112…

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10/24 Rollins Trail: Turning a jumbled mess into something helpful.

By Wes Tucker | Oct 27, 2021

By Bob Humphrey On Sunday October 24th three Cardigan Highlanders, Craig, Scott, and Bob, attended a workday at Rollins Sate Park performing maintenance and construction on the Rollins Trail. The work for the day was to turn a jumbled mess of large rock into a more inviting staircase to help the hiker attain a large…

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